Our Mission

Promoting Conservative Candidates from the local to the national level in all 50 states by Volunteering in our communities, Registering Voters, and Promoting Patriotic Speakers to educate masses.

Who We Are

United24VoteRed was founded in February 2023 by a group of patriots coming together to take our country back in 2024 by getting involved and connecting with others.  We believe the only way to make a lasting difference in our country’s future is to get involved at the local level and build from the ground up.  We encourage and educate others not only on the importance but practical ways to get involved through a variety of means. We host Twitter Spaces with Special Guests and Speakers in order to Educate through experience. Networking is a big part of what we do as it improves the movement’s message and promotes activism. Our group provides a ‘Call to Action’ as needed and requested for people to volunteer with specific organizations and individuals to accomplish our mission.