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Sal Greco

Sal Greco has been targeted by his job for his political beliefs. Sal worked as a New York Police Officer when he was wrongfully terminated by NYPD due to his friendship and support of Roger Stone Jr. Sal is currently suing the New York City Police Dept and Police Commissioner for violating his First Amendment Rights in his political beliefs.

John Marcari

John Macari is a retired Lieutenant from the New York Police Department and a friend of Sal Greco.  John is currently host of the podcast “New York’s Finest Retired and Unfiltered” at www.TheFinestUnfiltered.com. John brings attention to the corruption within the City of New York as well as within the New York Police Department.

Viral News NY

LeeRoy from Viral News NY, Twitter @ViralNewsNYC, is a independent photographer covering most NYC local news from protests, crime, migrants, and politics.  He began during the COVID lock downs and has continued to practice his craft. LeeRoy’s footage has been featured on multiple mainstream and independent news networks.  LeeRoy, also known as LeeRoyPress, strives to show the truth on both sides with his footage. He prides himself on not taking sides in his work and his mission is to present the unbiased truth on either side.

Mike Engleman

Mike Engleman is a candidate for running for election in his county government. He is part of a group of Patriots with a platform of integrity and honesty that are trying to give their state back to the people. Mike and his group promote America First MAGA candidates to primary the Rino’s in his state. They have been successful in their fight and have turned their county back over to conservative Patriots. They have been crucial in turning their area red. Mike is a social media influencer and a great Patriot and American. Mike Engleman is WINNING in Southern Indiana!

The Real Politically Savvy


Patriot Savvy has some news she will be sharing with all of us! Savvy will also be discussing the status of our country, what each one of us can do to change the trajectory, becoming a precinct chairman, and getting out to make a change! Bring your stories of how you are making a difference; what are you doing in your community.  Or, what you plan to do to make a difference. If you are unsure how to get started, bring your questions!



Rubin Young

Rubin Young is a 2024 Congressional Candidate in Florida trying to unseat Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Rubin is an United States Veteran and native Floridian. He has helped navigate important state bills through committees in Florida during 2018 to 2020 legislative session. Rubin also experience serving on the Ronald Reagan Presidential Inaugural Committee. Abused and neglected children were represented by Rubin Young within the FL state ‘Guardian Ad Litem’ program.  In 1990, he founded the “Blacks Organizing Leadership Development (BOLD)” in order to enact change and provide exposure to real leadership and community service.

Lavern Spicer

Lavern Spicer is a 2024 Congressional Candidate in Florida’s 22nd District. She is also a GOP Committee Chairwoman. Lavern is a self-made woman who worked herself out of poverty and has volunteered for 20 years feeding families. Lavern Spicer is a confident woman who ‘tells it like it is’ and wants a better future for our children and all Americans by equipping them to thrive, removing crime from communities, teaching how to create generational wealth. Lavern will “never stop FIGHTING for the AMERICAN people!”

Derrick Evans

Derrick Evans is currently a republican candidate for US Congress in West Virginia.  Derrick has past experiences that include NCAA football, teaching, football coach, real estate and property management as well as being elected in WV House of Delegates in 2020.  He is a J6 Patriot, serving 3 months for peacefully protesting. Derrick Evans takes a stand on issues such as election integrity, strict immigration control, and health freedom; reorganizing the childhood “1-size fits all vaccine schedule’.  He plans on bringing American ‘Conservative Courage and Backbone to DC’.  We look forward to watching Derrick ‘raise hell and expose corruption’!
Derrick Evans is truly ‘FIGHTING FOR AMERICA’S FUTURE’!

Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett is an America First 2022 Congressional Candidate from Arizona. He is an American Patriot standing firmly on Faith, Family and Freedom.  Josh, along with David Jose, published a book in 2021 titled, “Saving America”.  It is a true story of how one man’s family was saved from CPS’ $1M legal child kidnapping industry using affidavits. Josh Barnett also authored the book, “Private Membership Associations, PMA: The Power of being in the Private” which provides practical steps to protect your business from government overreach during a pandemic via Private Membership Associations. Josh Barnett stands for America.
We look forward to his experience and tools to Save America!