Taking Back The GOP
Taking Back The GOP

Taking Back The GOP

Taking Back The GOP

Editorial by Brill Commentariat @brillcomment

Over the past few weeks, there has been a ponderance about the state of the GOP and whether the people running it are necessarily the individuals best placed to be the great leadership to take the Republican Party to where it needs to go. We should certainly take a look at the GOP and what can be done, if anything, to help push the party in a much better direction than the one we currently see.

The subject of whether there has been a failure in the past by the multitude of movements in not acknowledging that, not only is the being for a Conservative Cause or Candidate, not enough to the overall success of any given movement. This as the singular criteria should not be rated on the merits on whether it supported Conservative Candidates and Causes, while important is not necessarily essential as the permanent opposing infrastructure in place can outlast any Conservative politician, who may only be there for 2-4 years.

A good singular conservative politician could be in place for 4-8 years but a bureaucrat of a talented distinction in the halls of power can last decades in their job and will most likely never be accountable to the public or if they gain enough of a power base within the bureaucracy, can network the infrastructure towards their own ends whereas the freshman politician might not be a match for the seasoned bureaucrat.

The GOP in essence can work the very same way with some seasoned politicians, who have been there decades and some the entirety of their adult and professional lives with little experience in the real world. While not necessarily bad to have years under your belt in the field you wish to be most effective in, but the downside to that is that without any experience in the real world, you will not have an all-rounded sense with what consequences the decisions you make will have.

Like some, such as Mitch McConnell, who have been there longer then would have been most effective for them to have done so. Eventually everyone peaks and decline, although it appears after a recent episode in which he blanked out and could not seemingly tell where he was, has got people questioning his future with some of the GOP grassroots frustrated with the situation as for them Mitch McConnell has been the face of the GOP establishment for decades and has been without a doubt the power player behind most decisions whether for good like Conservative judges on Courts or for Bad which in some opinions could be everything else.

The observation that the poor relationship between GOP establishment and the GOP Grassroots/Membership is barely a new one but it has to be noted that the two sides are mostly disconnected and respect for those at the top is at an all-time low with Mitch McConnell actually being more popular with Democrats and Independents than with Republicans in recent polls which is very telling but also might not come as a surprise to some.

The next question comes into play which is with the GOP Establishment now aging and a new younger generation coming up ready to replace it from the gatekeeping done by those at the top. What mechanism currently exists by which the Batton of the torch can be passed much more efficiently from the older GOP establishment to fresh blood which in a lot of areas can be more conservative than them?

One internal mechanism, by which the younger generation of conservatives and to which the future of GOP depends, can effect change by getting involved at the local level. There are many different avenues especially using the recourses available to them to begin their political career and of course climb the ladder from there to change the current GOP into a leaner and more dynamic Conservative party. The younger generation has already shown themselves capable and is able to get out the vote and is developing the future Conservative politicians who were brought up in very different times with the Tea Party Movement and then the MAGA Movement with a very different perspective to the former generations in which capitulation in everything is policy.

Becoming a Committeeman at the precinct level is a good starter for anyone willing to get involved as it teaches you how to get organized, shows you how to establish connections and gives you a greater sense from practical experience on what is working and what is not in the GOP to give you an adequate assessment in the change that you should be able to bring about which starts at the local level.

Getting involved at the local level remains the only sure way of getting your voice heard as it’s much easier to get to know and convince a few 100 people at the local level to agree with you on a cause or campaign than it is to persuade an entire party of tens of millions of which you’ll never mostly meet without excessive rallies and years of experience, which are needed, and the best way of doing that is to start small.

Replacing the aging oligarchs at the top of the party is not simple nor straight forward but if the grassroots understood the importance of acquiring knowledge that they could use later to progress higher and build a greater following then you need to entrust yourself to the small tasks before you can take on the much larger questions in relation to the future of the party and what that vision should look like. Experience at the local level helps refine your views and bring clarity as you will find that there are people like yourself who are just as passionate about creating some good and willing to get involved after a life of political inactivity. Bouncing ideas off of people is also a great way of ensuring that your best ideas are coming to the forefront while also improving the ideas that need more time to grow, so if you are going to start anywhere then start there.

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  1. LD

    Great angle on why you should get involved on the local level first. The education learned, the networking and the practical experience learned there is crucial before taking your message to the main stage. Thank you Brill for another amazing article and for providing people with the tools and techniques to get involved and take back our country!

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