Donald Trump and Black Voters
Donald Trump and Black Voters

Donald Trump and Black Voters

Donald Trump and Black Voters

Editorial by JL Rader

I decided to be quiet and listen to Black Americans talking in a Spaces hosted by Jason Whitlock on the rising support for Trump in the Black community. There were over 600 mostly Black Americans in the Spaces, and lots of thoughts, frustrations, disappointments, and opinions. The discussion was about the Trump spirit that’s rolling on the streets and through the ‘hood. Why?

Because Donald J. Trump comes out the gate honest, to the point, and gives respect to the Black communities. He doesn’t treat the Black voters like politicians from both parties do—that they don’t matter until their votes are needed—he’s shown, since the 70’s, that he’s not a racist. He’s been consistent in treating Black Americans with respect.

There were a lot of issues covered, like how Black voters see Republicans. That the party is 50% Globalists and racists, and 50% Patriots and MAGA. That the GOP has a significant amount of racism in the upper levels of the party. They feel the GOP is still just talking numbers and not convincing Black people that their vote even matters. It seems to be that Black Americans have voted less and less with each election. Not happy with the Democrats and won’t vote Republican because they don’t feel included so not going to waste their time. Maybe this was why the Democrats felt the need to cheat to win?

Black Americans want their children to be taught about being an American Citizen, that they’re part of something great and to be proud of it—that they’re not a victim or a minority. They want Politicians to stop making it about race and make it about American pride and community, they want politicians to tell them why they should ‘put skin in the game’ with their vote.

Black Americans respect Donald Trump because he’s a negotiator, like MLK, Jr negotiated with LBJ. It was said by the speaker that LBJ had zero respect for Blacks in this country—that his favorite word was the N-word—but MLK, Jr still sat down and negotiated with him to advance Civil Rights and made progress happen. That’s respected. The phenomenon of the ‘hood spirit rallying behind Trump is a feeling of connection with the lawfare being played by the left. The Democrats absolutely gave Trump ‘street cred’ with that mugshot and the Black ‘hood spirit identifies and respects it.

The most passionate subject from the men was the ‘White Politician’ lie that Black men don’t want to be fathers to their kids. They’re very aware that the Democrats have purposely passed policies over the last 50 years to emasculate and remove the Black man from the family through the Welfare System. To receive assistance there can be no man in the household to be eligible. They feel the purpose in the policies was not to help Black communities thrive, it was to dismantle families and create poverty.

One speaker, Royce White, said that politics is seen as a game of war—spiritually, emotionally, and strategically. Neocon Christians who have a very thin veil of Christianity allow changes to values and morals, even Church doctrine, for politics. Conservatives must decide between racial animus or loss of the country—it’s time to ‘throw down for Freedom’. The people in this country who want Communism need to keep racial division because it benefits them.

Black voters feel that the Neocon/RINOS do not want them in the caucuses. They see the MAGA moving pushing for Black voter inclusion but not the GOP. If things don’t change within the RNC the Neocon/RINOs will stifle the GOP until it can no longer qualify as a major party and candidates must be removed.

What I learned by listening is this—We either work together as Americans to save our Country or keep letting politicians separate us by color until we are China. There’s no Great Divide between Black voters and White voters who believe in God, Country, Family and America—the only division is the manufactured one coming out of Washington, DC.