We Can’t JUST PRAY About it Anymore
We Can’t JUST PRAY About it Anymore

We Can’t JUST PRAY About it Anymore

We Can’t JUST PRAY About it Anymore

Editorial by Darana

There were many times the people of GOD went to battle in The Bible. This idea that Christians are NOT supposed to fight and STAND UP for what is good and righteous before GOD, is NOT biblical in any way, shape, or form. Christians are NOT standing up for the WAYS OF GOD. There is an order to things. We as Christians should know better. What’s the point in having religious freedom if we’re NOT willing to stand in faith and practice those freedoms.

Christians who believe that all we have to do is pray, are NOT in any way reading the Bible I read. Failure to DO NOTHING is aiding the other side, that’s willing to silence US and OUR RIGHTS. The LORD wants us to pray, but he ALSO wants us to take bold steps in faith and stand up for righteousness. That’s what HE means by speaking TRUTH. To stand up for righteousness in every facet of our lives. Wherever that may be.

There were many men like King David, in the books of 1 and 2 Samuel in the Bible, who fought many battles and was greatly loved by GOD. Although he committed several grave acts of sin, which obviously included killing people in battle, the LORD was with him every step of the way. And led him to victory. Why? Because he was instructed by GOD to go to battle.

Then there was also Gideon, from the book of Judges, whom the LORD even went as far as using the process of elimination tactic, and actually chose the men to go to battle. An amount ranging from 32,000 men, down to 300…AND WON.

Let’s not forget Joshua, in the books of Exodus, who went to battle multiple times. Again, with the Lord’s approval. The LORD strategically gave instructions on several battle plans. He also was victorious.

Today our battles are different but nonetheless still with guaranteed victory, if we seek the LORD, and His counsel. I could go on and on about the many accounts in the Bible, the LORD, strategically helped the men prepare for Battle. But there was one big difference in the men of the Bible back then, as opposed to the men of today. They were humble men of GOD. They had the fear of the LORD. They sought counsel from the LORD. They knew better than to go about a task without the LORD’S approval. They had the blessing of the LORD, to go and do a thing. They knew they had the blessing, and in turn, the know how to get the victory. Here in the western culture of Christianity, we go ahead and build or go about doing something, AND THEN, we ask GOD to bless it. We are supposed to get counsel from the LORD about what we need to do first, and then WAIT for instructions on how to go about doing it.

We MUST do what we can to rectify the wrongs within our society. For instance…the removal of Prayer or Bibles within our schools should have NEVER been allowed to happen. Can we not see the hostile environment within our schools, since the removal of both prayer and Bibles within the schools? Is it not apparent that the lack of these 2 elements being removed, may be directly tied to the growing issues now plaguing our schools? The alarming rate of incidences regarding bullying, physical violence, shootings, sexual immorality and perversion with teachers violating minors? What about the increasing rate of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancies, and abortions amongst teenagers? Just to name a few.

We MUST find ways to bring back core values regarding our faith and actually LIVE IT. We must help and guide our children towards the ways of GOD. Not just for our kids, for the future generations… our Grand children, our Great Grandchildren. We have to fight back in legislation. We must attend school meetings. Be alert and aware about what’s going on in school. Flood Congress AND your local level officials, with letters of disapproval regarding the curriculum being taught to our children. We must raise our voices. We have to be more proactive in the things and WAYS of GOD. Not only because they are righteous. But because that’s what the LORD expects us to do. If you LOVE the LORD and His truth, then it is our job to boldly proclaim it loud for everyone to hear.

 We have to be more proactive in the things and WAYS of GOD. The LORD WILL DO BATTLE FOR US. HE needs us to take a step in FAITH. Faith is an action word. Abraham is called the, “father of the faith”. Because he took action and STEPPED OUT in obedience and faith, when the LORD told him to move to another territory he knew nothing about. It’s high time we show the LORD, we have REVERENCE and LOVE for HIM and what’s important to HIS heart.

TOO long have we stood lying down and taken a back seat, while other groups override and trample over OUR beliefs and walk all over us. The LORD did NOT create us to be doormats to anyone. WE are children of the MOST HIGH GOD. Let’s bring back the Honor to this nation as it once was. And the GLORY back to GOD, HE is due and so greatly deserves, for this beautiful country He blessed us with. That it may become again the beacon of light it once was.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD;  Psalm 33.

REPENT…For the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Matthew 3:2

May the LORD open our eyes and minds to HIS wisdom and HIS understanding. IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST,  I PRAY.  AMEN.

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