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I Voted Today

I Voted Today

I Voted Today

We all feel the frustration of our party being manipulated out of our hands by corrupt RINOS. We know it, we see it, we talk about it. Has anything moved beyond more than just words? One thing for sure…from the Conservative voters in small towns, to the Conservative voters in the big cities, we’re the ones that make the change happen.

The original Patriots that fought to secure our Freedom from British rule weren’t the blow hard leaders in the 13 colonies. They were farmers and shopkeepers. Fathers and Sons. Neighbors and the Church Congregations. The difference is 247 years ago these soon to be ‘Americans’ knew no one else was going to fight the battles. If they wanted the corruption and thievery by British government to stop, then they had to make it happen. When they were called up by the politicians in the colonies, they answered. They weren’t too busy, too stressed, too tired, or too worried what their neighbors would think, to stand up against the tyranny of corrupt rulers to give us the very freedoms we’re watching disappear.

Looking at a graph of the last 5 generations and the change in party affiliation, it’s obvious that Millennials and Gen Z don’t have much trust in either party. Pride in America, family, and community has been slipping away slowly. The biggest loser in this shift has become the GOP with a loss of 22% of registered voters. The 22% didn’t join the Democrats, they lost 4% in the same timeframe instead of gaining from the GOP loss. The shift moved into the Independents, the uncommitted. The group that is most comfortable with mail in ballots and Early Voting.

How can we convince them that the GOP will make their vote matter? Ronna McDaniel mainly secured her reelection on the promise to the 168 voting RNC members that only she is positioned to stop Donald Trump from breaking off into a 3rd party, with all that MAGA support, should he not capture the 2024 nomination. It’s interesting that the DNC is also scared of a 3rd party challenger. Is it because they can’t change what they can’t control? Election manipulation after votes have been entered into easily altered machines is a definite Democratic tool used just enough to not be obvious..just a few thousand more votes than the Republican works. But maybe we look at the wrong manipulation and focus on it so hard we’re missing what is happening right now. Voter manipulation by corrupt political parties, corrupt politicians, corrupt media, corrupt corporations…it’s a long list. Winning a new voter that moves over from Independent to Republican is wonderful but keeping that passion lit until Election Day is the challenge.

I’ve always been an Election Day voter, no mail in or early voting. Period. That voting pattern emerged from listening to my dad talk about the importance of that day and pride in voting. I think I understand where that doesn’t work today. We no longer vote on a paper ballot or show ID. That’s changed everything and it’s giving the Democrats the upper hand because we don’t work the mail in and early voting. Election Day is in November and for a large percentage of our States that can mean a snowstorm or bitterly cold weather. We experienced heavy snow last year and I believe that, along with some obvious manipulation of the security cameras in Reno, NV in the middle of the night, we lost a critical Senate seat by 8,000 votes. I personally know quite a few voters, both young and old, that didn’t vote that day because of heavy snow and long lines. We’ll never know what might have happened if they voted early or mailed their ballot in.

Our Elections aren’t just about changing a voter registration from D or I to R in order to take back America. Democrats have used the change from paper ballots to machines, early voting and mail in ballots, and we have to make the changes work for us too if we want to win an election. Scott Pressler keeps telling us…Republicans vote one day a year and Democrats work it 365, 24/7. I will continue to have a hard time accepting the change in the way the Millennials and Gen Z prefer to vote, but it’s the vote that matters more than the day or the way it was cast.

Our elections have life altering consequences, more now than ever before. We have to use every tool in the toolbox if we want America to survive.

(Please Note: The views on early voting and mail-in voting may not be the views of our entire group)

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